G-Shock AW591BB Black Watch Review

Initial Impressions:

    This particular model is smaller than the common G Series watches your all familiar with but rest assured size isn’t everything. The auto LED display is better than ever, and the Neo-Bright hands are a god send. All in all I was excited about the prospect of this watch and by the way it’s a totally affordable $100.

Every-Day Functionality:

    At first The resin band was a bit stiff and caused the watch to either ride up or down my wrist which was a bit irritating but I’m happy to report that after about a week or so the band broke in and is extremely comfortable. Given the fact that I have broken quite a few watches in my day due to my line of work and my chosen leisure activities the G-Shock series was a must. After about a month of wear and tear in the Fire Fighting Academy and construction fields the watch is still in prime condition after exposure to high heat, impacts, falls, and most any other normal wear and tear. The Ion finish shows no signs of deterioration and the band is still in pristine shape as expected. The Mineral Glass face has shown remarkable resistance to scratches as well, which is a huge plus for anyone that works with their hands. 

Watch Features and Operation:

    The Auto LED display is a wonderful interface and makes viewing easy no matter the lighting conditions. The Neo-Bright Hands make it possible to tell time in the dark without having to press the illumination button which is awesome when you always have bunker gloves on inside a structure full of smoke. The seconds counter on the left of the watch display makes taking Heart and Respiratory rates a breeze for those in the medical/first response fields or just the health conscious outdoor adventurist. The watch also has a Day and Date display that are accessible through the time keeping mode by pressing the bottom right selection button. The World clock is the next watch mode and like before you can advance though the time zones and cities by pressing the bottom right button. Next is the Countdown Timer mode which is fully adjustable up to 60 min. The Stopwatch mode follows that up. Both the Timer and Stopwatch are a 2 button operation bottom right to start and stop andtop left to reset, holding the top left button in will allow you to change the timer duration. That brings us to the final operational mode, the Alarms. To turn the alarms on and off press the top left button the bottom middle display will aluminate and de-illuminate based on the alarms that are currently on and off. Holding the top left button will allow you to change the settings of the alarm. The bottom right button allows you to cycle through the 4 alarms, pressing any button while the alarm sounds will snooze the alarm for 5 min. The final mode in the watch menu is the Hand Set menu and is activated by holding the top left button until the display flashes, then the hands can be advanced by pressing or pressing and holding the bottom right button. The watch has all the standard G-Shock features you expect as well: 

• Shock Resistant

• 200M Water Resistant 

• Auto LED Light with Afterglow

• Neo-Bright luminous hands and markers

• World Time 

29 times zones (27 cities), city code display, daylight saving on/off 

• 4 Daily Alarms and 1 Snooze Alarm

• Hourly Time Signal

• Countdown Timer 

Measuring unit: 1 second 

Countdown range: 1 minute to 60 minutes 

Countdown start time setting range: 1 to 60 minutes (1-minute increments) 

Others: Auto-repeat, progress beeper

• 1/100 second stopwatch 

 Measuring capacity: 59'59.99" 

 Measuring modes: Elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place times

• Auto Calendar (pre-programmed until the year 2039)

• 12/24 Hour Formats 

• Accuracy: +/-15 seconds per month

• Battery: CR1220

• Approx. battery life: 3 years

Final Thoughts:

    This watch is an affordable get it done watch that cuts out the flashy extras that drive the price of a watch up, Its basic rugged design allows it to function no matter how adverse the conditions and doesn’t have any foo foo features that may lead to malfunction. Its’ smaller face and over all smaller design makes it more practical for most every kind of use, What I’m trying to say is that you can wear this with your suit if you’re a 9-5 warrior and you can wear it if you’re a rugged outdoor adventurer. Its’ features and design allow it to fit many applications and the countless design choices make it customizable to your specific style and needs. This watch is a favorite of mine and while it doesn’t have any fancy compass features or any of that its reliability, ruggedness, and ease of operation will quickly win you over as it did with me, if given the chance and for me the $100 price tag earned it that chance.

This Review was written by a fellow Firefighter in training Kameron Strunk who has been a friend since grade school. Kameron has put this watch through its paces during our Fire Academy and trips to the mountains as well as daily use. 

G-Shock Master of G MUDMASTER GG-1000 Series Watch Review

When it comes to everyday gear here at RMK there's one piece that is with me 24/7 and that is my watch. Now, I have my fair share of nice watches that I have collected over the years, although with the activities I do here at RMK and the career path I am on I needed something that not only looked the part but could keep up with me.

Enter the G-Shock Master of G MUDMASDTER watch.  

A quick warning - This is not your average watch. With that being said it is my favorite watch I have had the chance to abuse. After doing some research about that type I watch I could wear all day every day with whatever adventure I decided to go on I stumbled across the Mudmaster. 

The MudMaster comes in at $320 which is not on the cheap side of the watch world, but in my eyes the price is a steal and completely justified by the features and build quality of the watch. I was sent over the Black and Gold color set of the watch. It also comes in an OD Green and a Coyote color option. The MudMaster by G-Shock is marketed towards adventuring in the outdoors or excelling at an outside the norm career like wildland firefighting. The Mudmaster is one of three Master of G series of watches. The MudMaster being the "Land" geared watch while the GulfMaster excels at Sea excursions and the GravityMaster helps pilots fly high. 

I am going to list the key features of the MudMaster below so I can get into the big features of the watch and my favorite. 

  • Band Length: 145mm - 215mm
  • Shock Resistant
  • Mud Resistant
  • Buttons use cylinder type guard structure with gaskets for shafts and cylinders to prevent mud and dust from getting into the watch
  • 200M Water Resistant
  • Digital Compass
  • Measures and displays direction as one of 16 points
  • Measuring range: 0 to 359 degrees
  • Measuring unit: 1 degree
  • 20 seconds continuous measurement
  • Hand indication of North
  • Bidirectional calibration
  • Magnetic declination correction
  • Bearing Memory
  • Thermometer
  • Display range: -10 to 60 C (14 to 140 F)
  • Display unit: 0.1 C (0.2 F)
  • LED backlight (Auto LED Super Illuminator Backlight, selectable illumination duration, Afterglow)
  • Neo-brite Luminous Hands and Markers
  • World Time
  • 31 time zones (48 cities + UTC), daylight saving on/off
  • 5 Daily Alarms (4 one-time and 1 snooze alarm)
  • Hourly Time Signal
  • 1/100 Second Stopwatch
  • Measuring capacity: 23:59'59.99"
  • Measuring modes: Elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place times
  • Countdown Timer
  • Measuring unit: 1 second
  • Countdown range: 60 minutes
  • Countdown start time setting range: 1 second to 60 minutes (1-minute increments)
  • Full Auto Calendar (Pre-programmed until the year 2099)
  • 12/24 Hour Formats
  • Button operation tone on/off
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Accuracy: 15 seconds per month
  • Battery: SR927W x 2
  • Approx. Battery Life: 2 years
  • Module 5476

Now that we got that out of the way I can get into the fun parts of the watch and the reasons why I love it. 

First off the MudMaster as stated before is literally built for the career I am pursuing - Firefighting. I needed a built tough, bombproof watch to keep up with while at the Academy this year and the MM GG-1000 is that watch. I went into the Academy with my old fossil watch which was a great watch, however, it had a glass screen and a leather band which did just not fit in. The rugged design of the MM is undeniable and does an excellent job and taking the bumps and scratches. The watch for how rugged and durable it is, only comes in at 94g or 3.3oz.  

The band of the MM is a full resin band which is comfortable and flexible while being durable as hell. I have had more comfortable watch bands like the full rubber band on the Garmin Fenix 3 however when it comes to durability nothing will beat the Resin band on the MM. The latch that encloses the Resin band is stainless steel to give a strong rust proof closure. 

The watch features a glow-in-the-dark watch face that allows the user to get the time without pressing the backlight button. If you don't need to be stealthy and want to get the time quick you can hit the top right button on the watch face and illuminate the watch face. I love having the option to quickly glance at my watch without having to hit a button with the glow-in-the-dark hands and 5-minute interval marks. 

No on to the features that make the MM what it is. We have talked about the bullet-proof durability of the MM, other than that my favorite feature is the included compass available for use. With a swift click of the "COMP" button on the right side of the watch, the MM turns into a super accurate wrist mounted compass. 

Upon clicking the COMP button the watch uses the second hand to direct N while the top screen gives the degree of the direction you are facing. Having this feature on a watch I will be using while not only roughing through the Academy but hiking and mountaineering is invaluable. After my fire Academy is over I am not sure where my career will be headed entirely, however, it could included wildland fighting here in Colorado and this feature would be a must have. To move back into the normal face of the watch you only have to hit the "Mode button and you are right back to telling time. Not only can the compass give you the direction and bearing you are headed but can also give you readings on the direction you came in case you get turned around or weather conditions worsen. 

The other like feature of the MM is the internal thermometer. When pressing down on the lower left "Search" button you can easily find the outside temperature in either C or F. Having quick access to the temp is a must have on a outdoor watch like the MM. It is easily accessed and second nature when you get used to the layout of the watch. The thermoater can go to 14F-140F. 

Another great feature of the MM is the large watch face with the matching buttons. When trying to access the above features at a moments notice the large buttons help immensely. I was working the watch through my bunker gloves and I was still able to hit the button I was aiming for every time. All of the buttons on the MM are sealed to make sure no dirt, mud, or water enter it. 

The MudMaster utilizes its Twin Sensor capabilities to be able to give both the temperature and the compass bearing.

Not only is the MM shock and mud resistant the watch is also waterproof up to a depth of 200m making it an all-around monster adventuring watch. The durability of this watch is a common theme in this review because it truly is amazing what you can put it through. Not only have I worn this watch every drill day at the academy while crawling through the "Maze", live fires, and workouts, I have taken it shooting, climbing and hiking. So far I have yet to see any blemish on either the face or band of the MM. We talked about the Resin band and its durability earlier and mentioned the Mineral glass face in the features. I can say that both of these added components of the MM work as advertised.  

Some other non-survival features of the MudMaster included a stopwatch accurate to 1/100 of second as well as a 10-minute countdown timer. I loved having this feature to be able to see my improvement of time while crawling through the maze at the academy. 

The MM also comes standard with a 5 daily alarm setting and 1 snooze alarm. I normally use my phone for this feature, although, when waking up on the 5am days it really helps to have an alarm I cannot accidently turn off. 

The only downside I could pick out on the MudMaster GG-1000 was that it runs off a 2-year battery instead of a solar powered battery like its older brother, the MudMaster GWG. However, the GG comes in at a killer price of $320 while the GWG has a price tag of $750. 

Overall the MUDMASTER GG-1000 series watch is an absolute monster of an outdoors watch that combines extreme durability with function. It was a joy being able to test and push this watch to see how it performed not only in everyday use but in the face of fire and the outdoors.  


  • Rugged Build
  • Outdoor Features
  • 5 Daily Alarms
  • 10-Minute Countdown Timer
  • Stopwatch
  • Thermometer
  • Compass
  • Large Easy To Use Button
  • Mineral Glass Face
  • 200M Water Resistant
  •  Shock + Mud Resistant
  • Lightweight For Size At Only 3.3oz
  • Glow-In-The-Dark Hands and Intervals
  • Bright Backlight
  • Trackback Feature Compass
  • Both 12/24 Hour

  • Non Solar Powered With a 2-Year Battery Life

The TACTICA One Precision Bottle Opening Tool

The TACTICA One is a simple, sleek, flawless, and effective precision bottle opening tool. TACTICA is a company that specializes in smaller EDC tools. They produce everything in Melbourne, Australia and ship to the US through their LA facility. I was sent over the TACTICA One opener for testing and review. 


The One is constructed with a super durable composite that is typically used in military and aerospace applications and it shows. I carried the One hooked to my BD carabineer and went for a full day hike. Through many points in the hike, I not only used the bottle opener, I also let the pack fall down, and also hung it on a branch (which I forgot to take a photo of) to test how it stood up. The above picture was taken after the hike when I got back to the truck. There were absolutely no signs of wear.

The One is as stylish of a bottle opener as they come. The matt black looks amazing while the design is sleek enough to make one wonder if it has any other functions other then popping bottles, which is doesn't. 

Not only is the One sleek and stylish, it is also incredibly light at only 20 grams which makes carrying this tool in your pocket a breeze. I would, however, suggest carrying the One in a pack or some type of bag considering it is not the smaller bottle opener at almost 5". In my testing and use of the One I kept it right in the middle of my EDC pouch from BOGear and it looked right at home. 

The TACTICA One is definitely a must have for any EDC collector interested in adding a "James Bond" style bottle opener to their line up. And for only $35 US the One is very responagbly priced. The One is super light and extremely durable. It will look right at place in your EDC lineup, on a table by the pool, or out on the lake. TACTICA has a great simple bottle opener in the One, however, I would love to see a V2 with maybe some more added functions built in. 


  • Precision Built 
  • Only 20 Grams 
  • $
  • Looks amazing
  • Durable 


  • Simple


ALRDESIGN Brass K Ring/Bottle Opener

The second EDC based review here at RMK will be another Ring/Collectible. This one made by ALRDESIGN on Instagram. ALR is also a custom K Ring/Bottle opener and like EDC maker. 


The piece I received from ALR is for the most part, like the previous just with a few different characteristics. The first being the ALRDESIGN Knuck is made from 5/16 100% Brass. This makes the ring much much heavier.. which is not a bad thing. The brass feels absolutely amazing in the hand and really is a work of art. 


The layout of the ring comes standard with a bottle opener. Most of the K rings on Instagram made by these custom designers are labeled as “novelty” items such as bottle openers. It works flawlessly. Seeing that the piece is made from brass I am sure it will open plenty of bottles in its lifetime without any problem. 

This collectable is a great way to update and expand your current EDC lineup without adding much bulk or weight. It is a very capable self-defense item while being collectable at the same time. I love writing and supporting the handmade products like the piece here. I would like to thank ALRDESIGN for shipping this one out to me. 

Ostaphelknives G10 K-Ring EDC Review

As I have stated in some of my past video reviews I want to branch out into other aspects of outdoor gear and into the EDC world. I have always had a huge lineup of knives growing up and loved them. However, over the past few years, I have become very interested in the EDC community and feel in love. I love seeing every person's different carry and the endless options one can carry on a day to day basis. With that being said this will really be my first “EDC” item review, and one of many to come. 

The first Knuck I will be reviewing/featuring was made by Ostaphelknives on Instagram. This K Ring is made from all G10 material. G10 is a very light weight material which is pretty much hardcore fiberglass. This makes the K ring very light weight and incredibly strong. G10 is a very common choice for knife handles exactly for this reason. 

On one side of the K Ring there is a small hole that allows the user to quickly and easily attach to their keys or other like items. When I carry the ring I kept it separate from my keys, which is just my preference. 

Below this smaller hole is the larger finger sized hole which is sized for the user. I gave my measurements to Ostaphelknives and it came fitting perfect. The ring slides on effortlessly but is tight enough to not slip off. 

The very front of the ring has two slanted edges which come together in the middle to form somewhat of a point. One of the main uses of these K rings or “Knucks” is self defense. Even though the material of this Knuck is G10 and it feels like in the hand I would guarantee it is fairly effective in the right hands. I normally carry a knife with me for every day tasks and if need be, self defense. I still carry my knife everyday however, I love being able to have a second option when carrying this Knuck with me. It is small and light enough to be carried without notice however it gives extra peace of mind. 

This K Ring is a great way to update and expand your current EDC lineup without adding much bulk or weight. It is a very capable self defense item while being collectable at the same time. I love writing and supporting the hand made products like the K Ring and a very special thanks to Ostaphelknives for sending this over to me.

Rugged Materials Dark Burgundy Bifold Leather Wallet Review

As an outdoor enthusiast I love finding new companies that are born in the U.S. and pride themselves on the fact that they are made in America with a lifetime guarantee. This type of company is rare now days and can come with a premium price, which I am more then willing to pay. I spend a lot of my time researching through various social media and websites trying to find new companies to explore that meet these requirements and have found some that I am going to start focusing on. One of these being Rugged Materials. Rugged Materials is based out of Cedar City, UT. Rugged Materials products range from many different types of bags primary made with (my favorite) 1000D Cordura and Horween Leather. Having plenty of experience with the 1000D Cordura I wanted to see what Rugged Materials was all about and I put in an order for a dark burgundy leather wallet. 

This wallet is a bifold design made from Horween Chromexel leather. The leather comes from the Horween Leather Company which is based out of Chicago and does work for the NFL, New Balance, and many different other big name companies. 

The wallet comes in at 4.625" x 3.25" x .3125" (L x W x H) laying down. My old wallet which was a Fossil bifold I have had for a few years and wanted to move onto something that was more minimal and higher quality leather. From the start I noticed the wallet was much thinner then my previous one with them both emptied out. The weight of the wallet is a mere 2oz when empty. 

The wallet comes with one pocket for bills, that can accommodate paper currency up to 8.75 inches. 

On the inside of the wallet there are two main slots for cards and other paper items. Each of these two pockets has two separate slots to give you some choice of how to arrange your cards.  Each of these pockets can hold up to 6 cards for a combined total of 12. 

On the front there is the Rugged Materials “silver leaf” logo printed in the bottom right corner. I personally love the look as it does not take up the whole front of the wallet but is just enough to catch the eye.  

With the few days that I have had with the wallet I can already tell that the leather will age beautifully and become more storied with time. I am loving the smooth and aged feel of the leather. The design proves to be very useful as cash and cards are effortlessly slide out when needed. The overall size of this wallet is spot on as I can finally carry in my back pocket of my work jeans without my back end going numb at my desk. I will be adding more pictures to this post to show how well it ages and holds up. 

As with everything Rugged Materials offers this wallet comes with a lifetime guarantee which as I said before is rare for a company to offer. I have no doubt that this wallet will pass the test of time and I will have yet another heirloom in my possession. The MSRP of this wallet is $75 however at my time of purchase it was on sale for $60. If you are interested in this wallet or want to check out Rugged Materials you can follow this link - http://www.ruggedmaterial.com/shop/minimalist-horween-chromexcel-leather-bifold-wallet-in-dark-burgundy