ALRDESIGN Brass K Ring/Bottle Opener

The second EDC based review here at RMK will be another Ring/Collectible. This one made by ALRDESIGN on Instagram. ALR is also a custom K Ring/Bottle opener and like EDC maker. 


The piece I received from ALR is for the most part, like the previous just with a few different characteristics. The first being the ALRDESIGN Knuck is made from 5/16 100% Brass. This makes the ring much much heavier.. which is not a bad thing. The brass feels absolutely amazing in the hand and really is a work of art. 


The layout of the ring comes standard with a bottle opener. Most of the K rings on Instagram made by these custom designers are labeled as “novelty” items such as bottle openers. It works flawlessly. Seeing that the piece is made from brass I am sure it will open plenty of bottles in its lifetime without any problem. 

This collectable is a great way to update and expand your current EDC lineup without adding much bulk or weight. It is a very capable self-defense item while being collectable at the same time. I love writing and supporting the handmade products like the piece here. I would like to thank ALRDESIGN for shipping this one out to me.