Ostaphelknives G10 K-Ring EDC Review

As I have stated in some of my past video reviews I want to branch out into other aspects of outdoor gear and into the EDC world. I have always had a huge lineup of knives growing up and loved them. However, over the past few years, I have become very interested in the EDC community and feel in love. I love seeing every person's different carry and the endless options one can carry on a day to day basis. With that being said this will really be my first “EDC” item review, and one of many to come. 

The first Knuck I will be reviewing/featuring was made by Ostaphelknives on Instagram. This K Ring is made from all G10 material. G10 is a very light weight material which is pretty much hardcore fiberglass. This makes the K ring very light weight and incredibly strong. G10 is a very common choice for knife handles exactly for this reason. 

On one side of the K Ring there is a small hole that allows the user to quickly and easily attach to their keys or other like items. When I carry the ring I kept it separate from my keys, which is just my preference. 

Below this smaller hole is the larger finger sized hole which is sized for the user. I gave my measurements to Ostaphelknives and it came fitting perfect. The ring slides on effortlessly but is tight enough to not slip off. 

The very front of the ring has two slanted edges which come together in the middle to form somewhat of a point. One of the main uses of these K rings or “Knucks” is self defense. Even though the material of this Knuck is G10 and it feels like in the hand I would guarantee it is fairly effective in the right hands. I normally carry a knife with me for every day tasks and if need be, self defense. I still carry my knife everyday however, I love being able to have a second option when carrying this Knuck with me. It is small and light enough to be carried without notice however it gives extra peace of mind. 

This K Ring is a great way to update and expand your current EDC lineup without adding much bulk or weight. It is a very capable self defense item while being collectable at the same time. I love writing and supporting the hand made products like the K Ring and a very special thanks to Ostaphelknives for sending this over to me.