The TACTICA One Precision Bottle Opening Tool

The TACTICA One is a simple, sleek, flawless, and effective precision bottle opening tool. TACTICA is a company that specializes in smaller EDC tools. They produce everything in Melbourne, Australia and ship to the US through their LA facility. I was sent over the TACTICA One opener for testing and review. 


The One is constructed with a super durable composite that is typically used in military and aerospace applications and it shows. I carried the One hooked to my BD carabineer and went for a full day hike. Through many points in the hike, I not only used the bottle opener, I also let the pack fall down, and also hung it on a branch (which I forgot to take a photo of) to test how it stood up. The above picture was taken after the hike when I got back to the truck. There were absolutely no signs of wear.

The One is as stylish of a bottle opener as they come. The matt black looks amazing while the design is sleek enough to make one wonder if it has any other functions other then popping bottles, which is doesn't. 

Not only is the One sleek and stylish, it is also incredibly light at only 20 grams which makes carrying this tool in your pocket a breeze. I would, however, suggest carrying the One in a pack or some type of bag considering it is not the smaller bottle opener at almost 5". In my testing and use of the One I kept it right in the middle of my EDC pouch from BOGear and it looked right at home. 

The TACTICA One is definitely a must have for any EDC collector interested in adding a "James Bond" style bottle opener to their line up. And for only $35 US the One is very responagbly priced. The One is super light and extremely durable. It will look right at place in your EDC lineup, on a table by the pool, or out on the lake. TACTICA has a great simple bottle opener in the One, however, I would love to see a V2 with maybe some more added functions built in. 


  • Precision Built 
  • Only 20 Grams 
  • $
  • Looks amazing
  • Durable 


  • Simple