RMK Reviews -

Here at rmk we love reviewing gear that is at the top of the list, cream of the crop, and leading the pack. you wont find any dept store products here.

we OBSESS over well-made gear, that is built to last, and built to be used. We know the extra effort and time this gear takes to produce and want to recognize the companies behind this gear.  



Link to the new Patreon page. With this support I will be doing reviews on bags or equipment that my supporters get to vote on. Any support is greatly appreciated and helps me continue RMK's adventure.


RMK Fitness will be a section of RMK where I will be adding my personal workouts that I do either at the Firehouse, my local Crossfit gym Decima Crossfit, or any activities over summer fitness related. 

I will also be adding all of my Fitness or Excercise related product reviews to this page as well. Anything that I use day in and day out for my workouts and items I feel are worthy of a shout out. 




Adventures - Blog


Not only do we review the top gear in the business but we will show how its used day to day in our Adventure blog. along with whatever other random things we feel like writing about. 

In every blog here at rmk we will put a gear list near the end of every piece that we used that day and why.