Kiowa Creek Trap Shooting 10/15/16

Testing gear while getting outside and enjoying the outdoors, the two best things I get to do here at RMK. This past Saturday my father and I decided to head over to Kiowa Creek shooting club and let rip a couple hundred rounds while testing some new earmuffs and other gear in the process.  

Kiowa Creek sits about 50 miles east of Denver CO. Growing up it's always been my favorite place to go clay shooting, it's far enough out of the city to give a great atmosphere no matter the time of season you go. However, I will admit this time of year is the perfect time to head over. 

I brought some gear for the trip to do some testing as well as get some great shots on the perfect fall day. Here's the list

  • Yeti Hopper Flip 12
  • Tom Bihn Synapse 25
  • Beretta Outlander
  • Impact Sport earmuffs 
  • G-Shock Mudmaster Watch
  • Kuhl Pants 

The best part about Kiowa Creek is the unconventional shooting style. Instead of the normal clay range where the clays just shoot straight out with little to no variation, Kiowa Creek has a course with over 20+ station where each clay pairing is different. One of my favorite stations is the one below where you stand about 12ft above the ground on the bed of an old truck. It truly is a great course to shoot at. 

Each station has a cage and a picture of the project clay course. You can either launch the clays as a report pair - one at a time. Or as a true pair - both at the same time. 

I ended up shooting about average at the course finishing with a 74/100 the pops just pulled the W with 78. The beginning of the course was fairly easy with it getting harder towards the end. Another one of my favorite stations while being the hardest is the "Tower" station. The clays launch straight across the sky and are a blast to try and hit. 

It's always a great time shooting at Kiowa Creek and even better while testing some great gear. My new shooting ear protection the Impact Sport from Howard Leight by Honeywell worked great and was a joy to use. And the Yeti kept everything cool the entire day, while the Synapse held everything I needed to make this post. 

For anyone in Colorado looking to have a great time while enjoying some outside of the norm shooting, head over to Kiowa Creek Shooting club in Eastern CO.