Gear Testing In The Mountains

I love Colorado - Whenever I need to test some gear and get a few perfect pictures I just load up the truck and take a quick hour drive into the heart of the Rockies. Last weekend I decided to load up the new "RMK Mobile" a 2001 Toyota Sequoia with a couple different items I had on the review table. 

I am going to start writing these blog posts not only after every adventure we take here at RMK, but also the quick trips we take our new gear on outside of the big trips. As well as the gear I bring along to test out I will also list the gear I or Breck wore throughout the day. 

  • Yeti Hopper Flip 12 for our lunch
  • Geigerrig Rig 1600 Tactical as my day pack
  • Yeti 64oz Growler to keep our soup we heated up in the morning warm until lunch time 
  • Kuhl Pants
  • UA Verge Mid hiking boots
  • Iron Doggy Leash 
  • Goruck Civvy Kit Duffle

I was planning on making the trip alone up to the mountains however, the pops had the day off and wanted to see what I did on these "business" day trips were all about. We heated up some leftover chicken tortilla soup, made coffee, packed some sandwiches and loaded up the Sequoia.

We had no real destination in mind I just wanted an off the beaten path spot to get Breck out while snapping pictures. Just over an hour on i-70 West and in total cruise control mode I missed the exit I had somewhat planned for Breckenridge. We decided to wait until the next exit and flip around to get back on course. I drove the last mile or so to the off ramp that for some reason looked promising. Seeing that we had no real plan and going to Breckenridge was not set in stone we skipped turning around and took a quick right off the ramp. Only about a quarter mile down we were spotted a crystal clear lake with almost no one around. The dirt parking lot was home to a few other Toyotas and the usual Subaru and that was it. By this time Breck knew we were getting out, and I guess she could sense the water because it was the first thing she went for. 

The pictures never give this kind of landscape justice, however, you can see from the lower just how clean and untouched this lake was.  I had no problem at all letting Breck splash face first into the mountain water. She hunted down the nearest "log" and knew I knew the deal. While throwing the small tree 30-40ft out for her I couldn't pass up getting some awesome pictures of the newYeti with the backdrop of this beautfiul lake. 

We continued on with the hike around the outside of the lake, Brecken splashing in every 100 yards or so and my newly acquired camera man (pops) snapping pictures of the Geigerrig 1600 along the way. The loop was much more of a trek then I measured up from the start which was great - espically for the dog that spent the morning charging up in the back of the truck. 

After crossing the bridge that lead us back to the dirt lot we decided to go try and find a nice riverside spot to have our lunch and see how the Yeti's did keeping our lunch the right temp.  

Dad remembered a river just North of Frisco Colorado which was only down I-70 the way we came about 20 minutes and we set course. At this point, Breck was nice and wet with that beautiful post-lake swim dog smell so we took advantage of the newly upgraded RMK mobile's sunroof and rear window. Finally, we found a small campsite with no charge before 5pm and took the road down to the Blue River. We pulled into a spot and claimed the old wooden picnic table for our mid-day lunch. 

I grabbed the Hopper and the Yeti Growler which was keeping our soup (hopefully)" still warm from 7am that morning. I opened them both up and laid out our 3-course picnic. The Hopper was still ice cold with our sandwiches and Gatorade while the Growler had steam coming out of the top. Having hot soup on a windy fall day up in the mountains is a luxury I could get used to. 

 I snagged some more pictures of the river and the Geigerrig / Hopper and let Breck drain the full battery before we decided to pack up and head home for the day. 

In my family, no trip to the mountains was complete without a Beu Joe's pizza on the way back down in Idaho Springs. Seeing that I had Breck, and the place was packed we decided to just get it to go and head back to Denver. 

I couldn't have asked for a better day to get out and test some gear while getting some unexpectedly great pictures.