Truck Camping Rampart Range CO 7/13/16

Personally, I feel Rampart Range is one of the best drive-in camping spots in Denver Colorado. The drive is only around 45 minutes from my house and the views combined with the open space you are greeted with is second to none. 

The washboard dirt road up to the "golden spot" is almost a pleasure to climb. The sound of the rattling keys and the coolers in the truck bed are the first sounds of the night. After the first twenty minutes of the dirt road, the cars start to be more scattered and you find yourself on the back side of the mountain. Head up another couple miles and you are all alone on the south side with amazing views. In the picture above you can just make out the outline of Pikes Peak one of the most famous 14ers in Colorado. 

The day started off with a meeting of friends that had finally come home after a few years away from home. Some beer pong was played, a football was thrown and we ended the night with some old fashion drinking games. 

Nothing says summer like a relaxing night camping in the rockies of Colorado. One of the many reasons I find myself always coming back to this state.