Day One Of Outdoor Retailer Summer 2016

Before RMK was even a thought I have followed other like websites and their journeys through Outdoor Retailer.  I never thought that I would have the opportunity to attend this amazing convention, let alone make the trip a reality.

I have never been surrounded by so many like-minded individuals with the same goals in mind. I felt right at home and got right to work. 

I started the day off by stopping by the Mystery Ranch booth to get my pack fix right away. What really caught my eye was the amount of new packs they had on display. 

In specific the newly updated "hiking" packs. The Coulee pack new to the lineup reminded me of the 3DAP except with a built-in mesh pocket on the front to allow for more storage. 

The second pack that stood out was the Scree which is the replacement to the discontinued Sweet Pea. 

The third pack that I really liked the look of was the Frazier which looked like a mix of a 3DAP and their Kletterwerks daypack. All of these packs will be avaiable early next year. I will be working to get my hands on some for review before the release for my readers. 

The second pack booth I stopped by was the Camelbak booth. I spotted many packs I have already seen including the Quantico which I have done a previous review on, however, one newly updated pack really looked great. The newly updated Urban Assualt pack from Camelbak. The pack has a great mixture of look and function with an admin pocket, suspended laptop sleeve, water bottle slots, front stash pockets, and a bright green inside for visibility. This pack will also be available next year and I will be working on getting one for review as well. 

One project I decided I would work on for this year at OR was getting my hands on as many 64oz beer Growlers as possible and doing a head to head to head review. I had some success. For now, I have gotten/getting sent Growlers from Hydroflask, Yeti, Miir, Drink Tanks, Klean Kanteen, Fifty Fifty, and Stanley. I will be testing each one of the Growlers in many different categories and be ranking them against each other when I get my hands on all of them. 

On the topic of products that keep things cool I also managed to get hooked up with the brand new Yeti Flip 12 soft sided cooler. I will be doing a full review on this bad boy as soon as it arrives and can not wait. The cooler is set to release on Aug 25th so hopefully I can get the review out before then. 

The last booth I am going to highlight today is the Granite Gear. Truthfully I was unaware that Granite Gear produced tactical/military packs and was blown away by them. I will be working to get a few for review as I think they are right up RMK's alley. 

Stay tuned for more packs and items that I discover tomorrow, day 2.