Day 3 of Outdoor Retailer Summer 2016

Today was the first day out on the show floor I wasn't completely overwhelmed and could get to a booth I wanted to without getting lost. I also noticed that the amount of people had slowly gone down since Tues/Wed which also helped with moving around the show room floor. Today was my shortest day at OR, the massive amounts of walking and talking finally caught up and the hotel bed was calling my name right around 3pm. 

I did, however, manage to get to a few new booths that looked great. The only real "meeting" I had was at 11:30 with Fjallraven to talk about some future packs they are releasing. For some reason, I was not snapping pics until about half way through the meeting so both the Raven and the Kaipack won't be on here until I get them sent from Fjallraven. The Kaipack is a 58L trekking pack built from their famous G1000 Material which is what attracted me to Fjallraven in the first place. I know there is a place for super-ultra light backpacks, but I love the durability and strength of the high denier packs. I will be getting a sample of the Kaipack and will be using it as my main overnight hiking backpack. The second bag from Fjallraven I will be reviewing is the Raven. The Raven is their "EDC" or Office pack also made from the same G1000 and comes with a fully featured, separate laptop sleeve, bottles pockets, and an admin pocket.  

The third pack from Fjallraven we spoke about is the new Travel Pack which will be coming sometime early next year. This one really took my attention. G1000, two main compartments, lockable zipper pulls, fully featured and lined laptop sleeve, stowable shoulder straps, front stash pocket, and beautiful. I have been wanting to review a dedicated travel pack on RMK for quite some time as it is one of my most asked questions. Be sure to look out for this review. Below are some pictures. 

Another pack booth I swung by on day 3 was the GEIGERRIG (GG) station. I have never had a GG pack however, I have looked at them and am really excited to see where their new fully featured tactical pack turns out. All the packs in the GG Tactical line are made with 500D Cordura which is a great material. The largest Tactical pack in their line-up is the "2200" the pack is as featured as they come with Multicam Cordura, padded laptop sleeve, insulated water bladder hose, mollee webbing, and plenty of pockets for your whole kit. 

They also have a smaller pack in the line-up the 1600 in the Tactical and the Normal version. I will be trying to get some of these packs as well to see how they compare to others on the market.  

I was also treated to a show of GEIGERRIG's one of a kind water bladder. Not only is this one of the most impressive water bladder's I have seen but it comes in at a very reasonable price. The bladder is the ONLY certified filer in North America. It is pressurized to give countless options other than sucking out water on a hike. You can wash clothes, shower, give your dog water, anything. It is also durable enough for a truck to run over so when you have it pumped fully in your pack there is no need to worry about it bursting. This is just a brief write up and does not do this thing justice, a full in-depth review will be coming soon. Below are some pictures. 

At some point, I want to do a "Best hiking boot" mashup review similar to what I am doing with the Best Growler showdown so I made sure to keep any eye out for any sweet boots. The Mountain 600 from Danner is sweet. Complete with lightweight full-grain leather and a Vibram sole and the classic Danner look these will definitely be in my show down. 

One of the last booths I stopped by today was the LALO booth. They specialize in military/tactical boots and shoes. I was lucky enough to score a pair of their workout shoes for review. The Bloodbird shoe is, from what I can see, a more complex Reebok Nano. Full review coming soon.