First Impressions of the Mystery Ranch Three Day Assault Pack and Sweet Pea

I have been wanting to branch out into the wide world of hiking and military based packs and I figured there would be no better company to explore then Mystery Ranch. Mystery Ranch is based out of Bozeman Montana and was founded in 2000. Mystery Ranch is the product of the father company Dana Design which was founded in 1985. Mystery Ranch specializes in Military, Hunting, Fire, and newly Urban packs. 

With my love for Goruck I naturally was drawn towards their military line of packs and decided on the Three Day Assault pack. I love my Goruck GR1 but when it comes to hiking I know there are better fit packs. On the few trips I have already taken with the 3DAP I am in love. The suspension and the harness of the pack is built great and really helps on the heavier loads. The addition of a sternum strap and integrated hip belt the 3DAP comes ready to go.  The 3DAP is built with 500D Cordura which I have come to love, the 500D has great strength and weighs in much lighter then the 1000D Cordura used in the GR1. It is also fitted with YKK rubber lined zipper to help keep water at bay. The 3DAP can hold 32.8L of gear which I feel is the perfect size for a hiking, camping, hunting or large EDC pack. 

After some research online I saw that there were very few in depth reviews on the 3DAP and decided I would make one of my own. While doing my research I also noticed that there was another pack similar to the 3DAP called the Sweet Pea. This pack is under the Hiking line of Mystery Ranch packs and could be mistaken for a 3DAP. There are a few differences in the packs and I will be doing a comparison between the two. 

I will be taking both of these packs with me on my deer hunting trip in Wisconsin this thanksgiving. I will be using the 3DAP while my younger brother breaks in the Sweet Pea. I have no doubt that we will put these packs through their paces and get a great idea of the strengths and weakness of both. Below are some starting pictures that I have taken of the two side by side. The 3DAP on the left and Sweet pea on the right.