Why I Review What I Review

A lot of items that I review and post on my site are from companies that build their products right here in the U.S. I do not have a basis towards these companies like Goruck or Tom Bihn but I do however like their products more and enjoy taking the time to write reviews about companies that pride themselves on honorable work. There are few companies now days willing to go the extra mile and handmake their products in the U.S. and even less that go the extra mile and stand by their products with a lifetime warranty. There is nothing I like more then knowing my backpack or duffle etc came from the hands of another hard working American that put the extra effort into making the pack my own. I also enjoy knowing that if I want these products I cannot drive down to the local Walmart and pick one up. Now with this higher grade buying habit comes the price to match. I for one have no problem justifying the additional cost to support a one of a kind company. I’m sure many of you read my reviews because you are on the fence about a certain product or switching over to a certain company and I just wanted to clear my opinion up. I pride myself on honest and tried reviews, and I will not waste my time reviewing companies that do not have the same principles as I do.  Stay tuned as I am receivinga few items from Tom Bihn and will be testing and reviewing them soon! 


    - Trevor