Goruck Navy GR1

On this site I for the most part write reviews although this post will be a bit different. A few weeks ago Goruck decided to release another final batch of there very rare and mysterious Navy colored GR1 rucksacks. They first released this pack in late 2013 and was a limited run as-well.  Since then I have only seen a handful of pictures and one pop up on ebay. With my obsession of backpacks and my love for Goruck needless to say I was drawn to this rare ruck. When I saw this pack and the other limited edition desert camo GR1 on the site I had to put in an order. Seeing as there are almost no second hand pictures online I thought I would take a few and let everyone witness this Unicorn. 


The blue is a great color and not as blue as I had expected from the very few pictures there are of these online. As of now I am going to just let this pack relax in the closet before I decide on what I will use it for.  Right now I still have my GR2 34L for my bigger edc or travel bag and my black GR0 for my edc needs. If anyone is interested in this pack or missed out on the sale I will be taking offers for consideration seeing that I may not have a spot for this ruck after all. Please email through the contact link above. Enjoy the pictures.