Peak Design Capture Clip

I have been looking for a better way to carry my new DSLR while I trek around outdoors. Most of my readers know that I usually have some sort of bag or pack with me while I am outside. Through some research, I found a company called Peak Design and was intrigued by their Capture clip. It was exactly the kind of item that I was searching for. Something I could clamp onto any of my packs and have my DSLR be safe and ready and a moments notice. 

The Capture Clip is made of mostly plastic and some metal. The Capture Pro is another $20 and is an all metal frame. Everything on the capture, even the plastic feels high quality. It actually has some heft to it which I am fine with seeing as it will be carrying my new DSLR camera. 

You can attach the Capture clip to any backpack strap or in my case the molle of my backpacks. All you have to do is unscrew the two top-side screws and open the Capture up. After just slide it into the molle and then screw tight again. Having the option to remove his piece of gear so quick and easy is great as I found myself wanting to put it on more than just one pack. 

 The Capture comes with a quick attach mount that screws into the bottom of your Camera via the thread. When you have this attached to your camera you can even further secure it by tightening with the given allen screw. 

Mounting the camera to the Capture on your backpack is quick and effortless. Line up the camera and slide the attachment mount into the capture and you are locked in. There is a reassuring loud “click” as you enter the camera. When you need to access your camera you can press the red button and slide it out. The ease of this is great especially when hiking or needing to be able to access your camera on the go. 

Who this products suits

- Someone looking for a reliable and quick way to carry their DSLR

- Backpackers, bikers, tourists, anyone who has a pack strap that capture can be attached to 

Who this product does not suit

- Anyone in a wet climate that does not want their camera being exposed to the elements

From my experience with the Capture Clip I feel that it is a necessity for any DSLR owner who wants a secure and reliable way to carry their camera. Between the ease of use and the many different applications of which it can be used it is a great item to add to your load-out. The Capture clip retails for $59 and the Capture Pro for $79.