Howard Leight By Honeywell Impact Sport Shooting Ear Muff Review

I was recently sent over the Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport shooting muffs for review. I decided to take them down to Kiowa Creek shooting club in Eastern Colorado to give them a run and remind my father how to shoot.

I have never even thought about upgrading my overused conventional earmuffs, however, upon testing the Impacts I should have much earlier. The Impact Sport earmuffs are electronic earmuffs which can amplify voices and other forms of noise. The Impacts use - 

  • Built-in directional microphones amplify range commands and other ambient sounds to a safe 82dB, providing more natural listening and enhanced communication

Before turning up the amplification on the muffs they acted sounded like any old pair of earmuffs. As soon as I turned up the knob on the side I was blown away. I could literally hear the leaves falling off the trees and my dad whispering to himself about how he had to beat my score this time around. I was truly amazed at how well the headphones worked. It was like my ears were protected while still being able to communicate with my pops. When shooting I would turn the voice amplification down and they would make the shotgun sound like a nerf gun. When shooting over 200+ clays it was very important to have a reilable set of earmuffs. 

I was sent the Impact sport muffs in the Dark green which is admittedly my favorite color as you can probably tell by the picture above. The Impacts were miles ahead of my old "walmart" muffs not only in terms of function but also comfort. 

You can feel the quality of the Impacts right out of the box. The leather headband is a great touch and helped keep the muffs snug on my hat. 

The Earcups on the Impacts were extremely comfortable all day long. On past ear muffs, I have used I would often have to pop them off for a couple minutes and left my ears recover. I found myself doing this one time the entire day just to let them air out a bit. The padding is a very soft plush-like material that seals the outside out while staying soft to the ears. The earcups are also very low profile which not only kept me from looking like a space alien on the range but helped from hitting my gunstock while aiming at the clays. 

On the outside of one of the ear cups, there is the amplify volume knob that also acts as the on and off button. Wheeling the knob all the way down past the click shuts the earmuffs off, while turning the knob the other way increases the volume. Underneath the volume knob, there is a headphone jack which allows the user to hook up their phone and listen to music while still protecting their ears. This is a great feature and can make the earmuffs not only earmuffs but headphones as well. The muffs came included with 2 AAA batteries and they also feature a 4 hour shut off timer to help save power. 

The Impacts fold down to a very compactible size when you're done for the day - Because the earcups are such low profile when they are folded up the Impacts are very easily transported. 

The earmuffs come in right around $40 and for that price these guys are a deal and a half. Seeing that the only "negative" I could find about the ear muffs were that my ears warmed up a bit while wearing them that is a steal. I was shooting in Colorado during a sunny 82-degree day and I did not expect my ears to stay cool under shooting earmuffs but I had to find something. 

The Impact Sport Shooting Earmuffs by Howard Leight are a fantastic deal at $40. They come in a range of color options and its comfortable low-profile earcups not only were a joy to wear all day but kept me looking the part while doing it. The voice amplifaction was a blast to use and prove very useful while in between stations talking with my pops while still keeping my ears safe from the surronding shots. 


  • $
  • Many Color Options
  • Great Noise Protection
  • Voice Amplification
  • Leather Padded Headband
  • Water Resistant
  • Can Act as Headphones with the Headphone Jack


  • Ran A Little Warm