Academy Gear - Hi-Tec Socks

As stated in the Instagram feature of these Hi-Tec socks, I never thought I would write a piece on something as simple as a pair of socks. I was sent a few pairs of "Hiking" and performance socks by the team over at Hi-Tec  and was blown away. 

I have used these socks every drill day at the Fire Academy since they arrived and I have noticed a huge difference in many ways. My favorite pair of socks from Hi-Tec is the featured Orange and white pair for a few reasons that I will go over. 

The first and most important feature for me was the padded/extra thick heel of the sock. When standing all day and running through many different drills at the Academy you need great support. The extra padding on the heel helped keep my feet energized and ready for anything. The Bunker boots we spend all day in are far from supportive and this extra boost made a world of difference. 

The next feature I loved was the Arch compression on the mid of the sock. The sock at first felt almost tight to squeeze into but as soon as my foot locked in they were set. Again the Bunker boots we wear have zero to no support and just the socks without the addition of any other arch support was plenty. 

On the toe of the sock there is a mesh section to allow for great ventilation and at the very tip a reinforced toe box for durability.  

For anyone looking to get a performance hiking sock, these guys from Hi-Tec are without a doubt the way to go. I've always wanted the best of the best in the boot department however, I truly never thought about going the extra mile and getting some supportive socks. The socks make a huge difference in my Fire Academy boots but combined with a nice hiking boot they are a match made in heaven. Hi-Tec also offers a "Feel Good" guarantee to back all of their socks.