BOGEAR Bullpup Backpack Review

When it comes to which products I review and love to write about there are normally two constants. The first being the build quality, making sure the best materials possible are used and there are no steps skipped. The second being any product that is built with pride. You can easily tell when a company truly cares about the product they produce. BOgear from Australia is one of these few companies. BOgear is based out of Brisbane Australia and captained by Dave Bell. When I reached out to Dave about review their Bullpup I immediately knew they were a company I wanted to feature. Dave and I exchanged many Emails and Facebook messages about the exact specification of my custom built Bullup. This brings me back to the second constant about the gear I review. I could tell right away Dave puts 110% into his company and it shows. My pack could not have turned out more perfect. 

(I did receive this pack for review at a % off the retail price.)

"Custom Built and Built to Last"

The Bullpup is an 18L pack built from 1000D Cordura and 300D Pack-liner. Coming in at 18L the Bullpup is the perfect size for a smaller Hiking or Daypack. You can purchase the standard Bullpup in Black or opt to have one custom built exactly to your liking for a few extra bucks which is completely worth it. The extra work the guys over at BO put into the custom packs is truly one of a kind. Not only can you custom design the colors of your bag, but if you send them any extra pieces you want on it like Cobra Buckles etc, they will throw them on for you. 

On the front of the backpack, there are 4 rows of webbing that can be used to attach pouches or other clip on items. Under the webbing, there is one subtle reflective strip to aid with night time visibility.  Above the webbing, I decided to go with a strip of velcro to be able to add my morale patches (which I think is a must have). 

Under this velcro strip ,there is the front “stash” pocket that I used for keys, wallet, cellphone, chapstick and whatever other small items I would need to grab quick and easily. This pocket is great on any backpack to have however I did find when going to grab some of these items I had to maneuver them around just a bit to get them out. This is due to the fact that the pocket’s space not only is below the zipper but also above the zipper. This is not a huge issue and one of the only things I would fix on the pack. 

On either side of the pack there are compression straps with matching buckles. This is a great feature to have not only to keep the pack low profile when not fully loaded but also allows you to rip open the main compartment quickly without the zippers sliding all the way down to the bottom of the pack. 

The top of the Bullpup is clean and simple. There is one strap of webbing for the handle and a place to feed headphones or a water bladder hose to the packs straps. 

"Perfect Shoulder Straps"

If you have ever read any other reviews of mine you are sure to know that I take my packs shoulder straps fairly seriously as I think it is the most overlooked part of a backpack. The Bullpup’s straps are some of the best I've worn. They have the perfect amount of padding and have an “S” curve to them allowing for a great fit on all body types. There is one strap of webbing running along the strap that allows for attachments such as a Capture camera mount or other mounts. There is also horizontal webbing that can hold down a water bladder hose. The straps attach to the back of the pack and are reinforced to insure it will last forever. They also attach angled to allow the straps to widen if need be or stay closer together depending on the user. 

"Big Beefy YKK Zipps"

When it comes to building the perfect pack you cannot skip the little details. The Bullpup uses #10 YKK zipper pulls… which are huge and strong as hell. If you end up busting a zipper on this pack then you have a problem. These zippers glide with the best of them and are very easily found and accessed. If you end up putting in for the custom version you can have paracord pulls attached for a small amount. I decided to go with red to match the webbing. 

"Full Clam-Shell Opening"

One of the best things about the Bullpup is the ability to open the main compartment fully “clamshell”. This allows ou to pack perfectly every time you load it up. 

On the front side of the main compartment there are two mesh zippered pockets that are great for separating the inner components of your load-out. While on my trip in Arizona I used these pockets for my dogs leash, sun-screen, my external hard drive, and chargers.

On the back panel of the main pocket there is a pleated sleeve. This sleeve can hold anything from a laptop to a water bladder with ease. On my trip, I normally had my Ipad Air and a book in the sleeve. The pleated nature of the sleeve allows for your laptop or water bladder to move with you and not hug awkwardly to your back when moving or bending with the pack on. 

The back panel of the Bullpup is also built from 1000D cordura which means on a hot active day you might end up with a sweaty back. I have had many hiking packs with a mesh or vented suspension system, and unless I am hiking a 14er I would pick a solid and bullet proof back panel of the 1000D Cordura every time for daily use. It allows the back to contour to your back and keep it low profile. 


  • 1000D Cordura
  • Ability to custom build exactly to your specifications
  • Perfect shoulder straps
  • Large, Solid, and Reliable YKK zipper pulls
  • Webbing for attachments
  • Velcro strip for patches
  • Clean and no-nonsense build
  • Clam-shell opening


  • Front stash pocket can snag items on the way out
  • Back panel could get sweaty on a hot day

If I could sum up the Bullpup in one word it would have to be reliable. I have only had the pack for under a month however I can tell it could survive anything thrown at it. BO actually has a Dirtification Guarantee which I will let them explain. This Dirtification Guarantee covers all our products. You crash into a car during an alley cat and your bag gets cut up worse than a Chucky victim, we'll repair or replace it. If the stitching fails because you decide it would be funny to carry acid home from the pool shop, we'll repair or replace it. And if the buckles fail because the dog has a thing for black plastic, that too we'll repair or replace." All in all the Bullpup from BOGEAR is a clean and unique pack built to last by a company on the track to success. The customer service provided by BO was second to none and any company who takes this much pride in their work is a company I will buy from and continue to buy from.