Myles Apparel Everyday Short Review

Most of my site is dedicated to outdoor oriented adventures and gear which I have always had a love for ever since I can remember. However, I did also play competitive hockey until the age of 21. I’m sure every athlete can relate to what I am going to say, especially hockey players. Finding the right pair of jeans or good looking shorts has been a lifelong struggle for me. Sweatpants or baggy athletic shorts always fit, I am talking about a good clean looking pair of shorts that I can wear to a special dinner possibly with a collared shirt. It has never been a problem with finding the right waist size but more finding a pair of shorts that my legs and glutes will slide into while still being able to bend over. I am confident that I have found the perfect short that allows all of this to happen while also letting me take them to Crossfit, hiking, biking, and almost anything you can think of. 

“Made in the California"

Enter the Myles Apparel Everyday Short. The Myles Everyday short is made in California which is awesome, it is always nice to see companies going the extra mile to produce in the US. The short is made of 87% Nylon and 13% spandex giving it just the right amount of stretch and durability. 

“Perfect pockets for running or jumping”

The pockets of the shorts are made from Ballistic Mesh allowing the pocket to bounce less while running or jumping. This feature of the short is nothing short of genius as I normally keep my phone in my pocket while running to listen to music. I have noticed almost no bounce when comparing to my name brand super stretchy, loose fitting sport shorts. 

“Just the right fit”

The fit of the Everyday short is perfect. They have up to size XL which I knew I would have to pick up for my legs sake. I normally wear a 34 waist which was their Large size however I would rather have a few extra inches in my waist then look like I am wearing Yoga shorts. So I decided to go with the XL in Standard and they fit perfect. The shorts standard length run shorter than the average shorts to give a clean and respectable look. You can also go with the Long instead of the Standard to give a little extra length.  

“Water, Sweat, Chalk, Dust, Pet hair… No worries.”

The shorts are treated with a water repellent which works like a charm. I have used these shorts for the hardest of Crossfit workouts and they continue to impress me every time. Sweat, chalk, water, everything and these shorts still look brand new. Another awesome feature I have noticed while abusing these shorts is that even in my black pair, the long blonde hairs from my pup Brecken are never anywhere on the shorts. 

In my reviews, I normally try to find the good and the bad to make for an honest write up, however over the last month of using these shorts almost every day I have yet to find something I would change. So far there are no signs of wear or seams giving up. I will update this review in the next couple months to see if these bad boys continue to impress me. 

If you want a pair of shorts that you can throw in a bag and travel the world with these are the ones. Paired with a nice pair of shoes and shirt you can blend in with the nicest restaurants. On the other hand, you will never have to think twice while working out or adventuring out on the mountain. I will be collecting every color of the Everyday shorts over the next year without a doubt.