Kitanica American Hoodie Review

I love to review backpacks for all different types of adventures here at RMK however, there are a million different parts of a winter/fall load out then just the perfect pack. On a cold day at the range or on the trail there are few things more important than the right outer layer.  I have always been a firm believer that a solid hoodie is the perfect all-around piece of cold weather kit. The ability to throw it on under a Carhartt for those extremely cold days, or being able to wear it over a shirt for a crisp fall day make it the universally loved torso piece. 

“Made in the US”

When it comes to making hardcore tactical and outdoor clothing the guys over at Kitanica have it down. Other then the bulletproof nature of all their gear it is also all made right here in the US which is a huge plus in my book. I reached out to Kitanica about reviewing one of their American Hoodies and they sent one right over. 

The American Hoodie is made from 200 Weight Fleece and accompanied by all YKK zippers. I decided to go for the Flat Dark Earth color, it also comes in Black and Stone Green and the sizes range from XS - XXXL.  I opted for the XL as my chest measurement came in right at 47in. 

Starting off the American Hoodie has a very unique look that does not scream tactical, but still lets anyone who spots it know the wearer is not the average joe. The fit on the American is spot on, both the sleeve and the bottom of the hoodie have a slight taper that will keep from riding up while in use. 

“Concealed / Admin Pocket on Sleeve”

On the left sleeve, there is a small admin pocket that has the Kitanica logo on the front flap. Upon opening the flap you will be greeted with a small velcro patch and a zipper that runs vertical of the pocket. This pocket at first glance is much smaller then when opened. I was able to fit my entire hand inside. I experimented with my Glock 19 to see if it would fit while in my remora holster and was not successful however, I am sure a smaller caliber firearm would fit no problem.

On the right sleeve, there is a full sized velcro patch that can be used to show patches of your choice. 

“Versatile hood for any situation”

The hood on the American is constructed with a great deal of attention as it is much larger than a regular hood. The American hood can be used with a helmet and ear protection on underneath without a problem. There is also a nylon lining on the inside to help with sliding the hood on and off without snagging. I used this hoodie on a small hike in the hogbacks of Colorado while it was snowing quite a bit, this hood while being larger still worked perfectly and did not look too large without any head gear. On the neck of the hood there are two pulls to synch up the hood. 

“Plenty of Main Pocket Storage ”

The main pocket of the American hoodie is right where most seem to be placed except this one is usable. I'm not sure how many times I try to load the front lower pocket of my other hoodies full of everything that doesn’t fit in whatever pack I am currently carrying, only to spill out as soon as I get out of my truck or bend over. The main pocket on the American is much larger than the average pullover and has zippers on either side to ensure not spillage. Not only is the pocket huge and can be enclosed but also lined with a light mesh, with a pocket on the stomach side of the hoodie. This pocket is perfect for anything smaller that you really don't want to be losing. 


  • Made in the US
  • 100% Fleece
  • Versatile Hood
  • Huge front pocket
  • Admin pocket and Patch on Sleeves


  • Price could turn people away, but justfied with the build quality and US made. 

All in all, the American Hoodie by Kitanica is a great looking, and a top-notch piece of gear built by a true American company. No matter if you wear it with another jacket on top or just the hoodie you won't have to worry. It will be a perfect addition to your cold weather hiking, range, or adventuring kit.