Greenroom136 Scribblebook Review

Greenroom136 is an independent bag company that specializes in urban use bags, that range from backpacks, wallets, journals, messenger’s, and accessories. They were established in 2011 and believe that there is a new meaning to the phrase “Made in Malaysia”.

I have done two previous reviews on products made by the people over at Greenroom136, the Rainmaker Medium backpack, and my Rainmaker Custom Tactical backpack. Both of the backpacks greatly exceed my expectations when is came to craftsmanship and attention to detail. You can tell Greenroom really cares about the products they put out and are different than any bag maker. After seeing the packs I contacted Greenroom about letting me review one of their Scribblebooks.  

I had been searching for the perfect “Journal/Journal cover for my planner. With my Fire Academy starting up in a few months I wanted to have a concrete way of getting all of my thoughts and important notes written down. I normally use my Ipad for this however, there is something about having it in your hand that reassures me. I already had a planner, although I needed something to hold the planner and allow more space to store pens, pencils, chargers, headphones, business cards, and whatever other small items I did not want to have lost in one of my packs. The Scribblebook was the perfect answer to my search. 

The Scribblebook is made from the same 1000D Cordura as the rest of Greenroom’s products. The 1000D Cordura is a great fabric that will ensure your Scribblebook will last longer then you do. 

On the front of the book, there is a 2” strip of safety belt wrapped around that fastens with a YKK velcro fastener. The velcro is very heavy duty and will make sure all your important items stay in place inside the book. 

When you open the Scribblebook you are greeted with 4 main pockets on the left side. The first pocket is great for your ID, or business cards. The left lower pocket can hold multiple pens or pencils and here I also have my Ipad stylus. The right lower pocket is just large enough to hold my iPhone 6S, so anything bigger will probably not fit. 

Underneath the first pockets, there is a large zippered pocket that can conceal your cash, passports, or other items you want to have protected by a zipper and out of sight. 

On the other side of the Scribble there is an EVA padded, Corduroy lined pocket to protect your Journal from scratches. 

Behind the journal pocket, there is a sleeve that will allow you to fit your 7” Tablet inside. The touch screen of your device can also be used behind this protective sleeve. 

And finally, on the very back of the book, there are two large pockets which will allow you to store any other documents or papers. 


  • 1000D Cordura
  • YKK Velcro 
  • Tons of pockets for everything 
  • 7" Tablet pocket

  • I did purchase an A5 Planner to fit this Journal and it ended up being just too big to fit in the pocket. The planner I bought is one the thicker side so I will be returning and buying a small A5 sized planner. 

There is no better way to carry all the small items you always find yourself searching for lost in your pack. It has quickly become a crucial part of my EDC and I will not leave the house without it. It is the perfect size to quickly throw in your pack or carry alone. Overall the Scribblebook by Greenroom136 is a fully featured Journal cover that will last a life time and more.