Iron Doggy Runner's Choice Hands Free Leash Review

One of my favorite things to do in my free time is run or hike with my best friend Brecken. I absolutely love taking her with me on my adventures and watching her take in the outdoors and go crazy with energy and excitement. When I take her up in the mountains hiking I normally let her go off-leash as she is great about staying near me and coming when I let her know she has gone too far. However there are many populated trails where I like to hike or run where having your friend leashed is enforced strictly. For the past two years I have used the conventional leash and harness when taking her out. I recently found a company that goes by the name of Iron Doggy who specializes in making hands free leash and belt combos to drastically change your dog walking experience. 

"Built right here in the US"

Iron Doggy is a Colorado-based company who builds all of their products right here in the US. As soon as I read that I had to ask to try one of their products. They responded right away and were kind enough to send me out one of their Runner’s Choice leashes for review. The Runner’s Choice is built to the same qualifications as most of my backpacks are. The leash has a minimum breaking strength of 215 pounds. The leash is also adjustable from 30” to 56” to give you extra slack when you need it. 

"Make running with your pup fun"

As soon as I opened the package I could feel the quality and attention to detail in the Runners Choice. It is heavy enough to feel like you can trust it, yet light enough to run/trek with all day. I hardly notice the leash is there on my runs with Brecken and have noticed I get less tired and make better time when running with this leash as compared to a normal hands on leash. Brecken is fairly good about keeping up with me and staying on my left when we run however there are the occasional smell stops that end up throwing me off stride and slowing me down. With the Runners choice I continue with my run and she feels the slight tension and continues with me. It also allows me to literally run “hands free” which is better when running then trying to hold onto a leash and mess with your stride again. 

"Slide buckle for easy transitions"

The belt on the leash is easily adjustable and has a sliding snap buckle which allows the leash to slide on your hips to whatever way your dog is headed. This is a must have feature and is beyond nice to have. I was able to effortlessly swing to either side of Breck on my runs or her to me and the leash would slide right over and keep going. 

"Bungee sections to take away tugs and slack"

Moving onto the leash itself, there are two “bungie” parts of the leash with a handle in the middle and on the front. Each of these parts of the leash stretch to almost another size length and are the perfect amount of resistance. They are not too hard to stretch so you will be getting yanked around however, they are enough so that there is not a quick max out on slack. 

"Adjustable length"

Each of the two handles on the leash have a hook on point so that you are able to double up link to the belt and adjust the length. I normally double up to the first handle which brings the leash down to around 40”, I have found this to be a perfect length for running and walking leave me enough slack for Breck to have breathing room and not too much to where the leash is dragging on the ground or getting caught up on her. 

Each connection point on the leash is triple stitched and I have no doubt will last forever. The bungee part of the leash is covered with the heavy duty nylon to match the rest of the leash. 

The materials are top notch and to top it all off every Iron Doggy product is built in the US. As I have stated in many reviews before this I love supporting companies that take the time and effort to build their products in the US. Not many companies have their direction and ethics nowadays. 

Overall, the Runner’s Choice by Iron Doggy has become my favorite piece of kit when it comes to anything I do with Brecken. From the amazing build quality to the ease of use, and the difference it makes when adventuring outdoors with Breck this leash is second to none. Although I received this leash for review it has not impacted my review in any way and I would have no problem buying my next product from Iron Doggy for full price if it is anything like the Runner’s Choice. If you need a leash that will finally last and help you run, hike, or just explore the outdoors with your best friend this is the leash.

You can purchase the Runner's Choice here 



  • Made in the US
  • Top-tier materials and construction
  • Multiple attachment points
  • Slide buckle to allow for easy use and transitions
  • Adjustable Belt
  • Bungee sections to give extreme comfort while running 
  • Re-enforced stitching
  • Amazing Customer Service



  • Only comes in one color, which is the only “negative” I found