SPI Venture Series Running Belt Review

My last review was on a great product to help make my runs/hikes more efficient while with my dog Brecken. This product is meant to do the same however is more geared towards myself. I was recently sent over the SPI H20 Venture Series running belt by SPI. SPI stands for “Small Personal Item Belt” and specializes in making quality belts to hold all your small items while on the go. 

"A storage pocket that will hold your phone and more"

The Venture’s main feature is the stretch storage pocket that will hold your phone, key, cards/cash, and whatever other small, thin items you need to take with you on your run. The storage pocket is right at 8.5” long and about as wide as your normal sized phone. The pocket is built with a very high quality stretch material that's a WeatherGuard lining to help keep the elements out.  Along the full length of the zipper there is also a flap to give extra peace of mind and on top a reflective strip to aid at night. 

On either side of the storage area, there are two elastic loops that allows the user to store energy bars, or chews. 

"Thick, Bounce-free Belt"

The band on the Venture is very thick and super comfortable. The thickness of the belt really helps with the fit as it does not dig into your sides at all while running and makes sure to keep everything in place. At the two ends of the stretch belt there are matching buckles which are very large and also heavy duty. The belt can also be adjusted from 27”-47”. 

"Two 8oz Hydration Bottles"

One thing unique to the Venture series is not only the thick belt but also the two 8oz H20 bottles that can be slipped on when needed. I found these to be great as normally I do not bring water on my daily runs and these let me do so. The 8oz size is perfect to keep myself hydrated with one and Brecken hydrated with the other. When you do not want to run with the bottles they can be effortlessly slipped off the belt. 

Although this belt is marketed towards runners I found this extremely useful for hiking and the gym as well. There are many times when I am at the gym and my phones either falls out of my pocket or gets in the way of a lift and this belt is perfect in keeping it safe. 

"Made in the US"

One more great detail of the Venture belt is the fact that it is made in Austin TX. Here at RMK, we love getting to use and review any product that is built in the US. 

The only negative I found with the Venture series belt is the lack of a dedicated headphone cord slot. This is not a huge gripe as you can easily enough position the cord so that when the zipper is closed it can be fed out at the end and then through. It has worked for me so far I feel it would just be easier to insert and remove the phone is one could leave the headphone cord in place. 

The Venture comes in right at $45. Overall, from the “bounce free” design to the weather sealed construction and the US production the SPI Venture Series running belt is a must have for not only die-hard runner’s, but also anyone looking for a safe and easy way to hold their phone and small personal items while on the move. 


  • Made in the US
  • Bounce free 
  • Two 8oz Water bottles
  • Reflective strip
  • WeatherGuard lining
  • 2” Thick belt
  • Loops for Storage
  • Fits 27”-47” Waists



  • No headphone cord slot