Triple Aught Design Litespeed V2 Backpack Review

Triple Aught Design Litespeed V2 Backpack Review


When one says Triple Aught Design a few words come to mind, Bomb-proof, Tactical, Cordura, and Handmade in America. Triple Aught design produces some very high-quality packs, outwear, and EDC items right here in the US. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Litespeed V2 pack for review. After taking this pack on many hikes and carrying it around as my EDC bag I can safely say this thing excels in almost every aspect. 

The Litespeed comes in at 22L of space which is the sweet spot for an EDC pack. The pack is built from 1000D and 500D Invista Cordura Nylon which is a step above my favorite 1000D Cordura fabric. So if you are a fan of Cordura as much as myself you will love this pack. The pack also has #8 and #10 YKK zippers that are large for quick access to the pack. 

"Front Admin/Grab Pocket"

On the very front of the backpack, there is a smaller zippered pocket which will store all of your easy access or "grab on the go" items such as a wallet, keys, phone, knife, passport, etc. The pocket is plenty deep for the above items without being too deep which can allow for items to drop to the bottom. On the inside of this pocket, there are also spots for pens/pencils as well as business cards or notes.  

"Hypalon Reinforced Grab Handle"

One of the best features on the Litespeed which is commonly overlooked is the top grab handle. Many packs will just throw a strap of nylon on the top, sew it down quick, and call it good, the Litespeed does not. On the top of the pack, there is a fully padded Hypalon enforced, triple stitched grab handle. Underneath the handle, there is a  Hypalon flap that covers the hydration bladder hose port. 

"Mollee Webbing And Beavertail Attachment"

On the very front of the pack, there are six rows of mollee webbing which can be used to attach almost anything from carabineers to other mollee compatible attachments sold by TAD. The Litespeed also comes with a "beavertail" attachment which can be placed on the front of the pack to add even more space for items like a rain cover or helmet. There is also a small pocket on the inside of the beaver tail. I choose to take mine off as I like the clean look of the Litespeed without it on.  

"Paracord Tie downs"

On the outer edge of the Litespeed runs a small length of cord that can be used to tie down or attach different items. One small feature of the Litespeed that can make a huge difference in the field. In emergency situations, one could cut the paracord out and use. 

The back panel on the Litespeed is built to take a beating and keep on going. There are three large mesh pads built from DRI-LEX® Aerospacer Moisture Management Mesh to help keep you cool and padded on the trail or the pavement. In between each padded panel, there is an airflow channel to add to the cooling. The back padding on the Litespeed is some of the best I have experinced. 

The shoulder straps on the Litespeed are made with the same mesh padding as the back panel. They also come paired with a sternum strap made with ITW GhillieTEX™ SR Ladderloc buckles which will never fail. The shoulder straps also have load lifter straps which allow you to put the backpack higher and closer to your back. This aids in weight carrying. The straps also have multiple attachments points and places to thread a hydration bladder hose. I would like to see the shoulder straps have more of a curvature to them instead of just being straight. 

On the inside of the Litespeed, there are two zippered mesh compartments to help store chargers, cords, hard drives, anything you want to carry that won't fit in the front pocket and that you don't want falling to the bottom of the main compartment. 

On the back side of the main compartment, there are hooks which allow one to attach the included beavertail on the inside. This can be done to help in carrying a laptop on the back side of the main compartment. 

"Room For a Full Day"

In this picture I have the Litespeed loaded out for a normal EDC. I have my GR2 Field pocket that holds my GoPro and my DSLR, my 40oz Hydroflask, a small Pelican case, and my BOGear EDC pouch with my med kit and other smaller EDC items in it. The Litespeed handles them all with space to spare. 

The Litespeed by Triple Aught Design is almost the full package when it comes to a tactical EDC bag. Really in my eyes, there are only two things missing from the Litespeed. The first being dedicated water bottle pockets. I would love to see a high qualitly, durable, stretch material on either side of the pack that allows the user to store their drinks on the outside as opposed to taking up valuable space on the inside of the pack. The second being a dedicated way to safely carry a laptop. The large option from TAD the Fast Pack EDC has a better way to carry a laptop so this is not too big of a deal. The only other thing I would fix would be the straight shoulder straps and possibly add somewhat of a curve to them to allow fit on almost any body type. Other than that the Litespeed is a built to last, bomb-proof, incredibly detailed, full package tactical pack. Coming in at $240 retail the Litespeed is no cheap bag, however, if you decide to invest in it.. you will not be disappointed. 


  • Built in the US
  • 1000D + 500D Invista Cordura
  • Top-tier materials
  • Included Beavertail attachment
  • Patch Panel
  •  Hypalon Handle, Shoulder strap attachments
  • DRI-LEX® Aerospacer Moisture Management Mesh straps and Back Panel


  • Straight Should Straps
  • No Water Bottle Pockets
  • No Dedicated Laptop Carry
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