BOGear EDC Pouch (My Main EDC)

If you have read any of my other BOgear reviews you would know I am a huge fan of the work they do over there. Not only awesome work but great customer service and a huge reason why I continue to use their products here at RMK. 

I was able to get my hands on one of their brand new EDC pouches for review and it has turned into my EDC carry along the way. Before the BOgear EDC pouch, I was using a Maxpedition Beefy Pocket which was great however still somewhat small for what I wanted to keep in this pouch.

The EDC pouch from BOgear comes in at 3L which is a nice chunk of nylon. The pouch is also made from all 1000D Cordura which is great they still produce to the same quality of their packs and didn't skimp out on the materials. Along with the 1000D Cordura, the EDC is closed by all black YKK zipper, which work flawlessly and always will. 

When you open up the EDC Pouch you are greeted with two separate sides which will help store all of your kit. On the one side, you have two rows of elastic webbing that will work to hold all of your tools and smaller items. Here I have the following 

  • 550 Black Paracord 15ft
  • CRKT Eat'N Tool'
  • Whistle
  • Leatherman Kick
  • Lighter
  • Gorilla Glue 
  • Stanley Compact Screw Kit
  • Coast Flashlight 
  • TACTICA Precision Bottle Opener

The elastic webbing on the Pouch is plenty tight to keep your kit from moving around while traveling yet it is spaced well enough to hold all different sizes of items with ease. Beneath the elastic webbing panel, there is a pocket without closure where I keep a Space Blanket and a Knot book just in case. 

On the opposite side of the EDC Pouch, there is a full zippered mesh compartment which can carry whatever else you want to pack along. In this pocket, I keep all of my "Medical" items such as Band-aids, wraps, scissors, gloves, medical tape, Antibiotic Ointment, Sting relief and other smaller items. On the outside of the mesh pocket I like to keep a small roll of Gorilla Duck tape and inside of that a 10ft measuring tape. 

Finally, on the front of the kit, there is one last zippered compartment that is large enough to hold a phone, wallet, keys, passport, and whatever else you don't want on the inside of the Pouch. On the back of the EDC, there are mollee straps which can be used to attach the pouch on to other BOgear packs and bags, along with any other pack that uses a mollee webbing system. 

Coming in at $51 the EDC Pouch is not cheaper by any means. There are much less expensive options like the Maxpedition Beefy Kit, however, the EDC Pouch is priced for a reason. These are hand made with a lifetime guarantee in Brisbane Australia. They are also made of all 1000D Cordura which is the best Nylon you can get right now. The EDC Pouch also has no padding which could turn you away if you are looking for a pocket to keep your camera or other expensive items in. All in all, the EDC Pouch will make a great addition to your backpack and help store all of your needed EDC items.