Mojo Products Solar Powered Bluetooth Speaker Review

While at Outdoor Retailer this year I experienced almost every type of outdoor based company one could find. Many I knew, and even more, I did not. Mojo Products was one of those many I had yet to meet. Mojo Products is a Solar-Powered  lifestyle brand based in Southern Colorado. I met up with the team while at OR and got some info on their newly released Bluetooth speaker. I was lucky enough to take one home from Salt Lake back to Denver. I have been using the speaker for about a month and wanted to make a quick write up on why I love it. 

First, the speaker is not your normal Bluetooth speaker. The Mojo speaker functions as a Bluetooth speaker, a portable charger, a flashlight, a storage device, and most importantly does all of this purely off solar power. 


The Mojo comes equipped with two 6 Watt speakers which are plenty for what I have used and will be using this speaker for. This will not be the speaker I use for a huge get-together or streaming a concert through. The Mojo will be my go to for camping, hiking, fire workouts outside, and daily listening while writing. The speakers are loud and deep enough for what I need them to be. I will say that I have a JBL Charge 2 Bluetooth speaker as well and the sound of the Mojo is not quite on par, however, that is the only thing the JBL has on it. The Mojo only just falls short of the JBL in sound quality but blows it out of the water in the feature department. The Mojo can also play any device using an Aux cord (included) if the device is not Bluetooth compatible. 


  • Solar Powered

The Mojo runs primarily off of a 5V 2.5W Sun Power Solar cell which takes up to 10 hours to get the speaker fully charged. The Mojo can also be charged by a backup battery like a normal speaker. This takes only 5 hours to charge if you need it full quick and uses the included Micro-USB cable. Each charge holds about 15+ hours of play time which is huge. As I said before, I have been using this speaker for working out outside and my camping/hiking adventures. Not only will you get 15 hours of playback on this speaker, you will have unlimited power if there is just a glimmer of sunlight hitting the solar panels. This feature is hands down the best one on the Mojo as it is one less thing I have to worry about keeping charged and will help with that on my other tech products which I will talk about next. 

  • Portable Charger

One item I always make sure to pack in whatever backpack I choose for the day or adventure is my portable charger. When you are camping, hiking, biking, remembering the charger can be hard. I will almost always be taking the Mojo just for the speaker aspect and being able to fully charge my iPhone/Camera 5 times is a huge plus. The Mojo has two USB connections which can be used to charge any device utilizing USB connection. This feature combined with the Bluetooth speaker feature comes together to make a music making, phone charging, immortal beast. If put in the sun the speaker could keep anything plugged in via USB on a full charge while playing music forever. The Solar panels on the Mojo will only take in the needed power without flooding the device so you never have to worry about overcharging. 

  • Storage Box

The Mojo speaker can also be used as a storage box for your phone, small camera, wallet, keys or whatever else. The speaker can be detached from the box and used alone or combined to form the storage. Underneath the speaker comes the Micro-USB cable, waller charger, and the optional aux cord to play anything that does not have Bluetooth. The inside of the compartment is very water resistant, however not fully water-proof which would almost be impossible to accomplish. The rest of the Mojo is also very water resistant, which is a great feature to have. You can also balance the speaker part of the Mojo on the railing system which is used to close the box to hold your phone while charging and playing music at the same time.  

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

The Mojo primarily runs off of Bluetooth connectivity to play all of your tunes. During my testing, the Mojo was very easy to connect to and held that connection pretty well. I did notice a few times where I would drop the connection if moving more than 50ft away, which is more than expected from a wireless speaker. The Mojo also has a standard 3.5mm jack if you want to play your music that way. 

The Mojo also comes standard with a multi-functional LED light, the light can be put into flashlight mode or an SOS strobe setting. Again, another great feature to have on your camping/adventuring speaker. 

The Mojo is a must have for any outdoor enthusiast who loves to listen to music and needs to keep devices charged. It is made for the outdoors with its great water resistance, and rugged build. The Mojo comes in at $160 US which I think is a fair asking price for everything you get with the speaker. It can easily stream up your pack with its combined features and functionality. The speaker is not the lightest at 2lbs with both pieces combined and about 1.3lbs just the speaker part but again, can be easily outweighed by the great features.