The EZYDOG Convert Harness Review

To a human, a harness is nothing more than a few straps and some nylon. To Brecken however, a harness is her one-way ticket to adventure. With everything that I do here at RMK, I normally take my best friend Brecken along with. We hike, climb, swim, bike, run and everything in-between. I have always used a normal collar while taking her with on our adventures here and finally realised that a harness would be a way better option.  

Brecken has always been great on the leash when we walk, run, bike anything. However, when I take her on nightly runs in the neighborhood she always likes the try to catch the first rabbit she sees and forgets she is hooked around my waist. Thanks to my Iron Doggy Leash which I have a separate review on. When I would run with her and she made the powerful lunge towards the frozen rabbit she would end up giving herself whiplash and I could tell it did not feel great. Since I've switched over to the Convert Harness from Ezydog it has made a world of difference. Not only does she not hurt herself anymore she has been ever better about "pulling" towards other dogs or animals while we run. 

One of the best features of the Convert is the ability to just slip on and off the harness without having to adjust anything. Once you first size the front strap you will never have to touch it again. Simply slide it over your pups head and then buckle the chest strap underneath and you are good to go. It is the quickest and most streamlined harness I have used so far with Breck. There is also a reflective strip on the front chest strap for added visibility during night time runs. 

On the top of the Convert, there is a big beefy padded grab handle. In front of the grab handle, there is a large stainless steel leash ring. Which is great for quick clipping on as it is super easy to reach down and clip on one handed. 

The Convert is built to last with heavy duty materials and buckles. Along with top of the line stitching and execution. On either side of the Convert, there are two velcro strips that allow for many different patch combos. The people over at Ezydog were nice enough to also included a patch for Brecken's nick-name. The Convert Harness can also be used a service dog vest and one can buy "Service Dog" patches for it as well. 

The Convert comes in right at $46 which for the build quality and features is a great price point. The Convert also has the option to purchase Saddle Bags which can be attached to each side and turn the harness into a trail machine. The Convert only comes in Red, Blue, and Grey and I would like to see a more "Princess" themed color option.

The Ezydog Convert is a great harness for anyone looking for a safer and more comfortable way to adventure with their best friend. 

  • Heavy Duty Materials
  • Reflective strip
  • One Time Fitting for Quick On and Off
  • Velcro sides for Patches
  • Stream Lined Design
  • Great price point



  • Only 3 Colors to choose from