Hammock vs Tent: Which One is Better for Camping?

Hammock vs Tent: Which One is Better for Camping?


Camping and comfort do not go hand in hand. Surviving in an outdoor environment can never be extremely comfortable. However, you can make practical choices to ensure that your expedition is decently comfortable.

While camping out, you will either use a pop-up tent or a hammock. These two have been consistently at war because some people will prefer one over another.

We will here try to illustrate and pick all the critical points of distinguishing between a hammock and tent and tell which one is more suitable.

A hammock is easier in setup however, a tent takes a toll on you while spreading it and setting it up. But this is not the only difference between the two. Let’s take a comprehensive look on all the major differences.

#1. Price

The best tent will cost you somewhere between $200 to $500. This does not include the cost of the accessories. On the other hand, a high-quality hammock will not cost you more than $60. So, cost wise, the clear winner is a hammock.

#2. Size & Weight

Typically, an entire tent set-up weighs approximately 2 lbs at the least. Hammock, on the other hand, has a maximum weight of 2 pounds. Plus, it can fit in your hand after folding.

Tents don’t work without accessories. You might want to keep these accessories to the minimum, but the ones that are direly needed will have to be there.

You have to carry poles, rain fry, a sleeping pad, footprints, vestibule, and stakes. With a hammock, you will only need a suspension system that goes with it. Admittedly, it is easier to pack a hammock, but at the same time, it is a cheaper option as well.

#3. Comfort

When it comes to comfort, most people will gladly choose a tent over a hammock. People have different sleep positions that are not feasible when you are floating on a piece of cloth, tied between two large trees.

Some people claim that sleeping on a hammock is right for your posture and more comfortable. However, not everyone will agree to that since we are not accustomed to resting in a floating condition.

With a nice sleeping bag installed inside a tent, the campers will find this option way more comfortable. Tents are spacious and can accommodate more people, whereas hammock can make room for two at the most.

You can purchase a tent will a capacity of 6 also, if you are going on a family camping trip and take along your sleeping bags. In case of a hammock, you will first have to find multiple trees in one location to set it up.

People with back pains are not suggested to use a hammock which camping. This will react aggressively and may stimulate pain.

As far as comfort is concerned, a tent is a clear winner in this situation.

Other Details

Both hammock and tent work pretty well in different situations. It depends on where you are planning to use either of them. So, there are other few things that you should know.

  • If you are germophobic and don’t like uninvited crawling insects to enter in your sleeping space, then you will appreciate hammock which takes a level up while sleeping and keep insects away. You cannot enjoy such luxuries in a tent.

However, the concern here is to find a pair of strong trees that can hold a hammock and bear your weight. It could be challenging unless you are deep in some forest.

In such situations, a tent can be an irreplaceable option because it has to be established on the ground. You don’t need any specific space settings. 

  • While the tent seems to be a comfortable option, they don’t work exceptionally well on rougher terrains. Wet ground is one of the biggest challenges with tents because they will make you feel uncomfortable throughout the night.

Hammock and tents have their fair share of goods and bad. It all come down to your perception and criteria of making decision.


They both are the winners. As we mentioned before, both of these things have some good and bad attached to it. You cannot separate the usage of a hammock or a tent based on their pros and cons. It comes down to personal comfort and selection.

If you pick up the point of comfort, then some people find sleeping in a hammock comfortable enough to take it to a camping trip.

In case of cost, size or weight, a hammock enjoys the lead because it is highly affordable, less in weight, and the size is also manageable.

There is no end to the argument on the superiority of a pop-up tent or a hammock. At the end of the day, after knowing the strengths and shortcomings of both the options, you have to decide which option works well for you.