Prometheus Design Werx SHADO 24L Backpack Review

Prometheus Design Werx SHADO 24L Backpack Review


The SHADO 24L has hands down been one of the most complete EDC bags I have used in the last few years. I had the first version of this bag and it didn’t check too many of my boxes. With the new 24L of this bag PDW has perfected the EDC pack.  Everything from the back panel to the interior organization, this pack has almost everything I need in a perfect day bag. It carries extremely well and has enough room for everything in a days load-out. There is not much extra room in this bag when I have it loaded with a days worth of gear, however I can fit everything I need.  The SHADO is not made in the US. I know this can be a turn off for many people and even myself. I love to see companies take the time and effort to produce here in the US, although I do think for the $200 msrp this bag is one of the best options you can get. It comes loaded with features, compartments, pockets, and removable options you would expect to see on a $400 bag. I really think at $200 this is one of the best bags you can buy.

I have posted a video review of this bag on Youtube for better viewing angles and a hip-belt explanation. If you want to checkout that video follow this link ——-  PDW SHADO 24L Backpack Review 



  • Invista Cordura® 500D

  • Custom Milled 500D Nylon/Spandex 

  • 70D Nylon Ripstop

  • Nylon Mesh

  • Multiple Density Closed Cell Foam

  • YKK Reverse Coil Zippers

  • Nylon Tape & Webbing

  • HDPE

  • Custom Made Color Matched Nylon Trims and Hardware 

  • 3mm Cord & Saddle Zipper Pulls

  • Shock Cord

  • Nylon Hook & Loop


  • 24L / 1465 cubic inches

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Height: 20"

  • Width (max): 11"

  • Width (min): 9"

  • Depth: 7"

Approx. Weight:

  • 61.125 Oz. 



On the very front of the SHADO there is a zippered admin pocket that is backed with soft Velcro. The SHADO comes with a highvis admin panel which is awesome. This gives you the option to have the pocket just be a larger storage compartment or section it off to hold all of the gear you want to be able to grab quick. In this pocket I always keep my keys, wallet, Leatherman raptors, multi-tool, knife, flashlight, pens/pencils. It is great having a solid way to organize these items in an easy pocket. I have noticed that a few times when trying to unzip this pocket the “D ring” right below the zipper can tend to get in the way if it is laying up. If down, the zipper can be unzipped very easily even when the pocket is full.


Double the organization

The SHADO has two main compartments with one being a full zip clam-shell design. The first thing I immediately noticed was that in both compartments there was not a ton of room for larger items. This bag is only a 24L capacity and I forgot that during my first couple days of use. After getting use to the size of the pack I fell in love with the double main compartment set up. It let me sort my gear in a way very little bags now days have. In the front compartment there is a padded suspended laptop sleeve where I kept my new Dell XPS 13. In this section there are also two zippered pockets for all the small things you need to carry. In these pockets I kept my portable chargers, mouse, headphones, and other small electronics. This front compartment is also a clam-shell design which is amazing for loading out gear whichever way you want. The laptop sleeve is awesome. It is well padded and does a great job at not letting my bag touch the ground when setting the laptop down on the ground. A nice laptop sleeve on an EDC pack for me is crucial. Great execution on this compartment.


The next compartment behind the one above has almost the same layout without the laptop sleeve and full zip design. This one is not full zip because of the water bottle pockets and how they have to attach them to the side of the bag. A lot of packs that use these great bottle pockets tend to sacrifice the full zip so I like seeing PDW split the compartments to allow this to happen. This pocket on the SHADO has a document sleeve and the same zippered mesh pockets that were in the first section. This is where I would hold my books, or larger items like a rain jacket or sweatshirt. All of the pockets on the SHADO are made with High-vis 70D ripstop nylon and help you easily see all of your contents.



The SHADO has two stretch water bottle pockets on the sides of the pack. I don’t care if its a hiking pack, an EDC pack, or a travel backpack, I almost always need water bottle pockets. Having the ability to have my Hydro flask or bottle on the outside of the bag for quick access and knowing it’s not in the same compartment as my laptop or camera is a must. The pockets on the SHADO are great and easy to use, how water bottle pockets should be. I have had no problems using them at all. ++++



Three words to describe the back panel on the SHADO. Mesh, breath-ability, and comfort. Not many edc style bags hit these marks. The mesh panels on the back of the SHADO works perfectly and offer great padding and airflow while not adding any bulk or inconvenience. I don’t need a huge suspended back panel like that on a dedicated hiking pack for my edc, however I do appreciate more than just a slab of molded eva foam. I really can’t say enough good things on this section of the pack…. It just works.

The straps on the SHADO match the back panel in all three boxes as well. I am sitting at 5’10 215 right now and the straps fit me very well. They are contoured and do a good job at hugging my shoulders and helping the pack sit right. They are fitted with load lifters on the top and these do a great job at getting the pack closer to your back if you need it to. There are plenty of attachment points on the straps for extra gear or accessories. On the top of the back panel there is also a place for a water bladder hose if you choose to throw one in during a day hike. You can then feed the hose down the straps via the clips.



The SHADO comes with two removable options. The first being a fully detachable structured hip-belt. Ill start by saying on previous bags I have had with this option the hip-belt serves little to no purpose. This is not the case on the SHADO, bag without the hip-belt attached (like the picture above) has no attachment points dangling around and is as clean as a bag without this system. When you attach the hip belt it turns this EDC pack into a very capable hiking or overnight bag. The system PDW has put onto the SHADO 24 is very well thought out and works like a charm. In my Youtube video I show exactly how to attach and detach the belt so check that out if you are interested. The bottom mesh section of the pack is detachable and will open up to insert the hip-bet. Then all you do is replace the mesh section and the strap over it.


The second attachment that comes standard on the SHADO is the Beaver-tail. I tend to keep this off for normal everyday carry with the SHADO, however during a hike or extended day trip having the option to attach it is awesome. This can be attached via the small point on the bottom and top of the pack and gives you a great way to put gear you don’t want on the inside of the bag or if you don’t have room in the main compartments.



As you can see the SHADO is very well thought out and is a great EDC option for those looking to not spend $400 on a made in the US option. From the materials to the craftsmanship the SHADO is made to last and look great doing it. The double main compartments on the bag do a great job at storing all the gear I need for the day and assisting in helping me organize everything. I love the High-vis orange interior, not only does it give the pack a very unique look and feel but it also helps you see your gear. I think the SHADO is one of the most well put together packs I have reviewed here at RMK and a very big step up from the first GEN SHADO.


  • Cordura

  • Ripstop High-vis interior

  • Functional Removable options

  • YKK Zippers

  • Tons of Organzation

  • Tons of attachment points

  • Stretch Water Bottle Pockets

  • Mesh Back Panels

  • Comfortable

  • Amazing $200 Price point

  • Full zip design

  • Load lifters on straps


  • Not made in the US

  • Admin zipper can get stuck on D ring

  • Can seem somewhat small on inside

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