Hammock Day Trip in Deckers CO 7/8/2016

Hammock Day Trip in Deckers CO 7/8/2016

The smell of coffee always for some reason, reminds me of camping. There's nothing I love more than brewing a fresh pot and packing up the gear for a full day in the mountains of Colorado. 

The day started nice and early with some coffee and venison bacon and eggs from last hunting seasons trophies. Then with a quick assembly of PB+Js and some protein bars for later in the day. After Carley, Brecken, and I were full, we stuffed our packs to the brim as well. Getting the chance to pack up and try out a few items I have received for review lately. 

The drive to Deckers CO is only a short 45 minutes from the house. The drive seemed to take forever with the addition of the 15-mile dirt road after the highway, however after painting the Tacoma light brown and a few spilled drops of coffee we made it to the site.

My brother and I first discovered the tent-camping site a few years ago after the last minute site search lead us to this gem outside of Deckers CO.  The site is not far from the road which put me off at first as I like to hike into most of my sites, but it makes up for it in other ways. The campground is the neighbor to a small river which is a perfect spot to fish or let Breck swim.

On this trip, the girlfriend at I were only going up for the day and decided it would be better to hang out hammocks up a bit past the sites to make sure to leave them for anyone looking to stay the night.  

We eventually found the perfect spot to throw up the hammocks and made "camp". I probably could have gotten by with one of my smaller packs, however, I wanted to get out and try my newly purchased Kelty Redwing 50. I stuffed the pack full earlier that morning to give me an idea of how it would perform. Below is a list of the gear I took for this day trip. 

  • Kelty Redwing 50
  • 64oz Hydroflask 
  • 40oz personal Hydroflask
  • JBL Charge Bluetooth speaker
  • Canon t5i
  • Breckens leash and tree cord
  • Gopro hero 4
  • EDC/MED kit
  • Rumpl Blanket
  • ENO Doublenest Hammock
  • ENO Hammock Straps
  • Esee 4 Fixed blade knife

As stated before I could have easily packed 1/3 of these items as we were only staying up in Deckers for the day. 

The day consisted of relaxing on our new ENO Hammocks, eating our packed lunch, and swimming the river with Breck. We unfortunately had to pack up early due to a thunderstorm.

I managed to get some great pictures and use out of my new Kelty Redwing along with the ENO Hammocks and the Rumpl blanket. More pictures and separate reviews will be coming soon after a few more trips!  For anyone in Colorado looking for a great easy to access tent camping spot be sure to check out anything around Deckers CO. 

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