- Trevor Knoll 

Self proclaimed pack expert, outdoor ENTHUSIAST, colorado kid, and dog lover.








university of maryland student studying criminal justice. Currently works for the University or maryland police department, outdoor enthusiast and somewhat of a gun nut. 



Kameron Strunk

    I grew up in the backwoods of Michigan hunting fishing and loving the outdoors especially in the winter. So naturally I looked for well-priced functional gear that could stand up to the wear and tear of my life style. After I moved to Colorado I started working construction on a framing crew and did that for about 6 years until I started my own business doing the same. Now I’m currently pursuing a career in the Fire Service. I like to decompress from the long work week by taking hikes and enjoying the outdoors of Colorado where the elements don’t seem to have it out for you in the same manner as they did in Michigan. When it comes to selecting which gear to spend money on I have a fairly high standard with regards to durability and function in relation to the cost. I’m not easy on my gear and I have come to expect a lot of the gear I spend decent money on.




Andrew Sporrer


Andrew (but most people call him Ace) grew up in rural western Pennsylvania and spent a lot of time outside eating indigenous birds and learning different ways to make fire. Now he lives in Seattle and feels out of place. What he took with him though was a true appreciation for the design and function of the outdoor equipment that lets him be outside longer, more comfortably, and in worse conditions. “Can we walk there? I would rather walk.”


Check out his Instagram to follow along on his adventures and swing by his blog, Ace-Outside, for the latest outdoor tips, gear reviews, and more.